Ideal fόr das Gehδuse ist auch dieses Mainboard. Es ist mit seinem Intel 815’er Chipsatz nicht mehr ganz auf der Hφhe der Zeit, aber hat dafόr ein paar ganz ansehnliche Futures. Es hat LAN, Sound und Grafik on Bord. Auίerdem, und das ist bei einem HTPC - oder VCR - Project nicht von der Hand zuweisen - TV-Out on Board.(Dank Focus-chip). Das komplette Manual des Herstellers kann man hier im Downloadbereich erhalten..
Und hier die technischen Details in Kόrze:

Technische Daten des Herstellers:

• Intel® 815E/815EP/815EB/815EPB Chipset.
• Full support for the Intel® Pentium® III and Celeron® processors (FC-PGA package)
using PGA370 socket.
• Full support for the Intel® Tualatin processors (FC-PGA2 package)
using PGA370 socket (only for Intel® 815EB/815EPB chipset).
• Support for Intel® Celeron® processors (FC-PGA package) and
Intel® Pentium® III processors.
• 66/100/133MHz System Bus Frequency.
VRM 8.5 (Voltage Regulator Modules) on Board
• Flexible motherboard design with on board VRM 8.5.
System Memory
• A total of two 168-pin DIMM sockets.
• Memory size up to 512M bytes.
• 32MB to 256MB using 16Mb/32Mb/64Mb/128Mb/256Mb technology.
• Support for x8, x16 DRAM device widths.
• Supports single & double sided DIMMs.
• Unbuffered, Non-ECC SDRAM only Supported.
System BIOS
• Firmware Hub with security feature.
• PnP, APM, ATAPI and Windows® 95/98/2000.
• Full support of ACPI & DMI.
• Auto detects and supports LBA harddisks with capacities over 8.4GB.
• Easy to upgrade BIOS by end-user.
On-board I/O
• On board two PCI fast IDE ports supporting up to 4 ATA, ATA2 , Ultra DMA33/66/
100 IDE HDDs, CD-ROMs, ZIP drives and LS-120 drives as boot drive.
• Support Bus Master IDE, Read transfers up to 100MB/s, Writes to 89MB/s.
• One ECP/EPP parallel port.
• Two 16550 Compatible UART serial ports.
• One floppy port support two FDDs of 360KB, 720KB, 1.2MB, 1.44MB and
2.88MB capacity.
• Four USB ports.
• PS/2 keyboard connector.
• PS/2 mouse is supported.
• Infrared (IrDA) is supported via a header.
• Supports Plug and Play specification 1.1.
• Plug and Play for DOS, Windows® 3.X, Windows® 95/98 as well as
Windows® 2000.
• Fully steerable PCI interrupts.
On-board VGA and TV out
• 3D Hyper Pipelined Architecture.
• Full 2D H/W Acceleration.
• Motion Video Acceleration.
• Up to 1600x1200 in 8 bit Color at 85MHz Refresh.
• H/W Motion Compensation Assistance for S/W MPEG2 Decode.
• Software DVD at 30fps.
• Integrated 24-bit 230MHz RAMDAC.
On-board video scan converter
• Integrated FOCUS TV-FS450 controller.
• Advanced 2-D flicker filter.
• Multiple Output Standards – NTSC, NTSC-EIAJ, PAL-B/D/G/H/I/M/N
(Composite, S-Video, RGB SCART).
On-board AC97 Sound
• Integrated AC97 controller with standard AC97 Codec.
• Direct Sound and Sound Blaster compatible.
• Full-Duplex 16-bit record and play back.
• PnP and APM 1.2 support.
• Win® 95/98, NT drivers ready.
• Line-in, Line-out, Mic-in and MIDI/Game port.
On-board Realtek RTL8139 PCI LAN
• Provides 32-bit performance, PCI bus master capability.
• Full compliance with IEEE 802.3u 100 Base-T specifications and IEEE 802.3X
Full Duplex Flow Control.
• Supports 10 Mb/s and 100 Mb/s operation.
• Supports up to 128K bytes Boot ROM interface can be used in diskless
workstations (optional).
• Supports Wake-On-LAN function and remote wake-up.
• Supports ACPI, PCI Power management and PCI VPD.
Power Management
• Supports SMM, APM and ACPI.
• Break switch for instant suspend/resume on system operations.
• Energy star “Green PC” compliant.
• Hardware monitoring circuit is supported, provide voltage, temperature, fan
speed, etc. monitoring (optional).
• WOL (Wake-On-Lan) header support.
• External Modem Ring-in Wake-up support.
Expansion Slots
• 1 CNR slot (shares 1 PCI slot).
• 2 PCI bus master slots - ver. 2.1 compliant (1 PCI shares with CNR slot).


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